Fast-Drying, Clear Interior Wood Finish

Sure Shine provides a beautiful, tough wood and floor finish without the mess and fuss of solvent-based finishes. Its special curing formula enables it to stand up to the roughest wear and tear. Fast drying, you can apply up to three coats in a single day! Wow! Since Sure Shine gives off no solvent fumes, there’s no reason you’ll have to leave your home while it’s being applied. Clean up is easy with just soap and water. Sure Shine may be used on new or old wood surfaces. When coating over older finishes, Sure Shine bonds better to previously applied oil-based or water-based coatings than oil-based polyurethane. Sure Shine will complement the rest of your fine woodwork and is available in either Gloss or Satin. After the final coat is on, you’ll be able to walk on your new Sure Shine floor finish in only 8 short hours!

Ominaisuudet ja tilastot

Sure Shine Options:

  • 1 vuosi
  • 5o 30. päivänäo
  • Pad-style floor applicator
  • Harjata
Pinnan esikäsittely
  • Puhdas ja kuiva
  • Wax, soap and oil free
  • As required
  • 2 to 3 coats on new florrs
  • 1 to 2 coats for re-finishes
  • Dry to the touch in 1 hour, may be sanded in 4
  • Cures within 3 days
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