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The log house center was created with the aim of giving log house owners the best opportunity to make their log house energy-efficient and beautiful on their own or with the help of a specialist. On our website, log house owners can familiarize themselves with the best solutions for log house maintenance. We give advice on maintaining a log house and offer specialist help in insulating a log house.

Palkmajkeskus has been offering log house maintenance services since 2009, their range includes sealing of log house joints. In addition, we sell a wide variety of log home maintenance products and supplies from Perma-Chink Systems, Inc. We have nearly 400-500 units of Perma-Chink products in stock, but the e-shop is still under construction. Until the e-store is set up, we offer our customers a discount on our most popular products, Energy Seal and Perma-Chink tubes, which can be purchased while supplies last at the price of 19.75 euros/tube (usual price is 30.80 for Energy Seal and 30.80 for Perma-Chink 28.91 euros/tube), the price includes an additional 2 meters of sealing strip. 

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Why use Perma-Chink products? Perma-Chink Systems, Inc. is the best-known manufacturer of sealants. Having previously researched various possibilities in the field of log house maintenance and familiarizing ourselves with a large number of maintenance products in this field, we have found that Perma-Chink solutions for log houses are modern, multi-purpose and of high quality, while also following traditional techniques for sealing and finishing a log house. A log house compacted with Perma-Chink products is energy efficient even in our harsh climate, and the maintenance and finishing options are very diverse. Here you will find both product knowledge and instructions for installing them yourself, whether they are pictures, videos or a comprehensive product guide. We use information material that can also be found in English on the page. We continuously add product and installation instructions translated into Estonian to our website. If you do not find answers to your questions or the necessary information about the product or its installation, you can contact us by letter or call +372 5205630. 


They are specialists in their field and I got answers to all my questions! Also commendable products!


Great work and installation! They arrived, the log gaps were sealed, and all I had to do was thank you!


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