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As a result of successful work, we recommend using the right tools and equipment for this. For example, when using sealing compound, it is recommended to use it together with a support strip. 

For larger jobs, it is useful to use a bucket pump gun and metal lid to apply Energy Seal and Perma Chink. For Perma-Chink, Energy-Seal, Woodsman or Check Mate 2 products, a joint spade or spatula must be used. 

Check out the accessories and extras for the log house products:

Rigid round support strip Backer Rod 6-16mm

The Backer Rod is an elastic sealing strip that ensures better adhesion and flexibility of the sealing material. The main purpose of the backing strip is to prevent the sealant from spreading unevenly. For example, a centimeter diameter sealing strip should be used in a log joint that is about 2.5 cm wide. Place the sealing strip between the logs, observe the placement of the ends of the sealing strip.

Fastening tool for wooden structures Log Boss

Log Boss is specially produced fasteners for the construction of log and wooden structures. Fasteners are available in different sizes, can be purchased individually or in a package (250 pcs). Each package comes with a corresponding installation nozzle.

Pump-gun for applying sealants Perma-Chink and Energy Seal

Specially designed tools for installing sealants make the job easier and faster and ensure a professional result and appearance. Pistols of various sizes are available in the online store. Be sure to also use the metal lid for the bucket, which makes filling the pump-gun easier.

Metal lid for the bucket

The metal lid is designed for Perma-Chink and Enegy Seal buckets to make filling the gun easier and more efficient.

Log Gap Cap
Log Gap Cap or log and slat corner seal

Reduces air intrusion where round logs meet window and door frames. Although the Log Gap Cap is designed for logs with a diameter of 15-25cm, its uniform shape fits most log profiles. It's easy to cut/adjust with scissors and they work well. The material is resistant to mold, rot, bacteria and does not absorb moisture. Available in two sizes in the online store.

Spatulas for tooling gaps

Spatula is intended for smoothing joints. Spatulas are especially helpful with Perma-Chink, Energy-Seal, Woodsman or Check Mate 2 products. For best results, pre-moisten the joints (lightly sprinkling) with water, which ensures a clean and smooth result.

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