Log house maintenance services

Proper maintenance of a log house creates a beautiful living environment and saves you from problems in the future. By protecting the logs from the weather and maintaining the house regularly, the log house will last a very long time. Sealing, finishing, restoration, cleaning and protection are steps that not only extend the life of a log house, but also ensure energy-efficient living. 
It is possible to order a comprehensive maintenance service from us, which includes cleaning, restoration, sealing, finishing and protection of the log house. At the same time, according to the need, it is also possible to order the previously mentioned works from us separately. Feel free to ask about packing and contact our specialist.

Sealing or insulation of a log house

In order to preserve the aesthetic appearance of the log house and keep it warm at the same time, sealing is the best solution. It is possible to seal the log house both when assembling the logs and when the house is ready. Regardless of the construction stage of the log house, we are ready to help so that the result is energy-efficient living.
We seal both joint gaps and cracks that have appeared over the years in a log house. If you are interested, contact us and ask for an offer.

Finishing works of a log house

The correct finishing of the log house ensures a longer aesthetic appearance and lifetime of the wood. The main goal is to protect the wood surface from external conditions and pests.
Finishing works include staining the log house and going over with a protective agent. Be it the desire to protect the log from UV, water and moisture damage, or from rotting and rotting that is invisible to the eye.
Before finishing works, the wood surface must be maintained (free from damage) and cleaned. If you are interested, contact us and ask for an offer.
You can learn more about our finishing advice and products: Finishing work guide

Protection, cleaning and restoration of the log house

The first job in giving a log house a fresher look is cleaning the wood surfaces. While fungi have started to grow on the surface of the log under a layer of stain or finishing agent, the finishing layer must be removed. The work for this can be extensive, and in case of doubt, we recommend contacting our specialists. We have the necessary tools for cleaning and restoration work, which can save you a lot of time.
A log that is diseased or damaged by a pest needs restoration. U.S in the online store we also have wood restoration tools for this purpose, but we also have long-term experience in restoring the condition of various log houses.
If the log house has been cleaned and restored, it is always worth protecting the log house with finishing products and weather protection products.
If you have doubts about the condition of your log house, if you want advice and help, feel free to contact us. 
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