Wood and log house finishing products

Stain and finishing products extend the life of both the house and the wood itself. We offer wood finishing products for both indoor and outdoor use. After staining, it is definitely worth applying an additional protective layer to the wood surface to ensure a long-lasting and fresh look to the log house. Our assortment includes UV protection for wood, primer, stains and additional protection for the surface of (stained) wood (glossy and matte).

If the finishing layer has lost its original appearance or allows water to pass through, it is worth treating the wood surface with Lifeline care products. It is not always necessary to cover the entire building with the maintenance agent, the agent can also be applied only to those walls that need additional maintenance.

If the finishing layer has faded and the color tone is no longer correct, it is time to apply Lifeline Ultra-2, Ultra-7 or Lifeline Exterior pigments to the walls to restore the correct color tone. These tools also provide the protection that only pigments can provide to a building. This is especially important for walls exposed to direct sunlight. Then the colorless finishing agent Lifeline Advance Satin or Gloss is applied to the walls.

Check out log house finishing products:

Long-lasting stain and finish Lifiline Ultra 7

Applying two layers of Lifeline Ultra-7 to the wood helps ensure long-term color protection for the log house and also protects the house from UV rays. It is the most durable exterior stain that Perma-Chink Systems has ever developed. To achieve a long-lasting result, Lifeline Advance Satin or Gloss needs to be applied in addition.

Long-lasting stain and finish Lifiline Ultra 2

Applying two layers of Lifeline Ultra-2 to the wood helps ensure long-term paint protection for the log house. Lifeline Ultra-2 is one of our two-component exterior wood finish products. As the second component, a layer of colorless Lifeline Advance Gloss or Satin is applied to the wood. The product already contains UV protection and allows the wood to breathe.

Translucent stain and sealant Lifiline Exterior

Lifeline Exterior is a translucent finish that tones and highlights the natural beauty of wood. In addition, a weatherproof protective layer is formed on the wood, which allows the logs to breathe and dry. This is especially important if you are hiding a sign or only partially dried logs. In order to achieve a long-lasting result, you need to apply Lifeline Advance Satin or Gloss.​

Pingment-free i.e. colorless protective agent for exterior finish stain layer Lifeline Advance (glossy and matte)

Lifeline Advance is a colorless topcoat for finishing painted exterior surfaces. The product provides additional protection against weather conditions, decay and UV rays, thus extending the life of the stain. In addition, it adds vibrancy to the color tone and improves the properties of stains. We recommend using it with Lifeline Ultra 2, Lifeline Ultra 7 or Lifeline Extrerior.

LIFELINE EXTERIOR Accents Fern 782 3
Translucent stain LIFELINE INTERIOR and EXTERIOR Accents for exterior or interior decoration

Lifeline Accents are our newest two-coat paint finish, developed to make your home fashionable. New colors emphasize the wood of your home, both on interior and exterior walls, facades, furniture and other wooden elements.

Stain for indoor conditions Lifeline Interior

Lifeline Interior finishing stain highlights the natural beauty and texture of interior logs and wooden ceilings. The product creates a finishing layer on the wood that allows the wood to breathe and is easy to wash and clean of dust. After staining, we recommend giving the final touch with Acrylic Gloss or Satin and adding UV-Boost protection, which is especially necessary in places where the sun shines.

Colorless interior finishing agent Lifeline Acrylic (glossy and matte)

Lifeline Acrylic is a colorless interior product for a log house or other wooden surface that brings out the beauty of wood. Be it wall and ceiling materials, etc. wooden constructions and details. The selection includes both Lifeline Acrylic Satin, which makes the wood matte, and Gloss, which makes the surface shiny. The product can be used directly on wood or in combination with Lifeline Interior or Prelude products. Add UV-Boost protection to maintain tone.

SURE SHINE Satin 19L bucket
Colorless interior finishing agent Sure Shine (glossy and matte)

Sure Shine is a quick-drying colorless interior finish for wood. The substance gives a beautiful look to wood and floors without having to mess with solvent-based finishes. The product dries quickly, so you can apply three coats on your work surfaces in a single day!

Primer for damaged wooden surfaces Lifeline Prelude

Prelude is a primer for wood surfaces that have been treated with a bulk method or have been mechanically damaged in some way. The bulk method is used to remove the old finishing layers in order to then apply a new layer of stain to the wood. One layer of Prelude fills the pores of the wood and allows you to achieve an even finishing surface. Perfect for both indoor and outdoor wooden surfaces.

Single-layer balcony finish Deck Defence

Deck Defense is the best wood stain for balconies, terraces and all kinds of other fences, protecting them from various weather conditions. It is a long-lasting tool and is easy to use. Although it is a completely water-based product, Deck Defense is absorbent and the finished surface leaves an oiled finish. However, unlike oil-based products, it hardens into a lattice-like coating that supports and strengthens the natural wood fibers from the inside out.

Wood stain and sealant in one Log&Timber Defence

Log & Timber Defense is a translucent wood stain based on a new and unique technology. This is a great solution for homes that are already finished with an oil-based product. When applied over solvent or oil based finishes, this clear top coat provides protection and longevity to the wood. At the same time, it is also suitable for new construction and also creates lasting wood protection. Log & Timber Defense penetrates oil-finished wood, but unlike oils, it creates a protective layer as it cures, supporting and reinforcing the natural wood fibers to protect the wood from the inside out.

Log End Seal

Log End Seal is a clear finish designed to protect log ends from weathering. Even if the log ends are treated with stain, the end surface draws moisture into the wood. The ends of your logs are especially sensitive to water and can act like a sponge. Log End Seal provides a durable, water-repellent barrier against sun, rain, snow and ice. Only used with Lifeline wood finish.

Stain additive to prevent UV damage UV-Boost

UV Boost is a concentrated water-soluble liquid stain additive that contains ultraviolet radiation inhibitors based on new technology. UV Boost must be added to Lifeline water-soluble stain products when applying the first coat. In addition, UV Boost prevents graying of the wood under the stain layer. The product can be purchased for a 3.8L canister and a 19L bucket.

Additive to Stay-Clean Mildew-X stain
Anti-mold additive for stain Mildew-X (Stay Clean)

Mildew-X is an anti-mildew additive that is easy to mix in either a can (3.8L) or bucket (19L). Added to the last layer of Lifeline Advance, Mildew-X provides additional protection against mold. Mildew-X does not affect the performance or tone of any Lifeline stains and topcoats.

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