Wood preservatives

One of the principles of wood protection is to keep wood-damaging organisms away from wood. All preservatives are designed to stop the biological process, so it is very important to be careful and careful when handling the product, applying it to the wood surface and later storing the product containers. Follow the manufacturer's warnings and review the special warnings on the Material Safety Data Sheet.

Most protective equipment comes with instructions that indicate the life of the product. As a rule, the product can be used for 2-4 years.

Get to know the protective equipment of a log house:

Protective agent Shell-Guard RTU against ants, insects and fungus

Shell-Guard RTU is a colorless and odorless and ready-to-use protective agent for wood. The product is applied to the wood surface either with a brush or spray, one treatment is effective throughout the life of the building as long as the external walls are maintained with a high-quality moisture-repellent stain.

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