Closed Cell Foam Rope

Backer Rod is extruded closed-cell polyethylene rod that is used in cracks, checks and gaps before filling them with sealants such as Perma-Chink, Energy Seal and Check Mate 2. Caulk joints should not be more than 3/8” thick and Backer Rod provides a way to fill a deep crevice or gap while maintaining the proper sealant thickness for maximum performance. Backer Rod should also be used in checks over 1/4” wide before applying Check Mate 2. An inexpensive, yet effective “backing”, commonly referred to as Backer Rod. Backer Rod is an extruded, chemically inert, closed cell polyethylene “rope” designed to effectively fill in the gaps between logs prior to the application of Perma-Chink or Energy Seal. Backer Rod is flexible and compressible; it conforms to the irregularities in the log surface. Its primary function is recognized as a median between the log gap and the chinking. Select the proper Backer Rod that fits flush with the logs. For example, 1 cm rod should be used if your finished chinking application it to be approximately 2,5 cm wide (for a 15 cm thick round log). Place the rod in the joint. Be sure the edges are flush with the log surface. Trap Rod fills in the gaps on all around log homes where an elasmomeric chinking is used. Trap Rod reduces the amount of Perma-Chink needed to effectively seal the gaps between logs. Perma-Chink will not

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adhere to the Trap Rod, only to the logs. Snugly fit the Trap Rod into the gap with the narrow side in. When spacing permits, apply Trap Rod around jams or joints of windows, doors and soffits. Before you

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install Trap Rod or Backer Rod make sure gap is free of moisture and foreign material. Directly place it into the gap using a blunt tool, face roller or the tips of your fingers. Apply Perma-Chink over Trap Rod or Backer Rod according to manufacturer’s instructions.


  • Closed cell polyethylene
  • Will not absorb water
  • Heat and cold stable
  • Should be used to assure proper thickness of sealants including Perma-Chink,Energy Seal and Check Mate 2