Wood restoration agent based on epoxy putty

E-Wood is a putty-like flexible epoxy filler used to replace missing pieces of wood on logs. E-Wood forms a permanent bonding layer even between the most rigid surfaces. Porous surfaces should always be treated with appropriate, low-viscosity epoxy agents such as M-Balm.

E-Woodi can be used to use missing wood parts on window sills and frames, furniture or other wooden material. The tool can be used on ready-made structures.

After E-WoodUsing i, repaired wood can be worked with standard woodworking tools, including saws, sanders, gouges, planes and drills.

  1. Wearing disposable gloves, mix E-Woodi epoxy putty and hardener. Mix only as much mixture as you can apply to the work surface in 15 minutes.
  2. Apply the product to wood that has been previously treated and sealed with the product M-Balm. Smooth the tool until smooth.
  3. After the tool dries, the work surface can be sanded, nailed, planed, painted or stained as needed.

Characteristic features

  • strengthens damaged wood
  • cleaned with vinegar and water
  • elastic
  • after drying, the work surface can be sawn, drilled, grooved, nailed, screwed, painted or stained
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