The first työvaihe milletsalonne ulkonnäön to be updated is cleaning the wood surfaces. Of the new wooden surfaces, all the ylymäärinen lika poistettava harjaamälä tai muulla vekevella metodolällä. In the soil, where you can see a mushroom growing room under the layer of the final layer, the final layer can be cleaned with a pressure washer, a sandpaper with a sandpaper, and a sponge to wipe the surface with a sponge. There are several options for cleaning a dirty and weather-damaged surface. Perma-Chink Systems offers the following products for cleaning wooden surfaces:

1. Wood ReNew

Ekstoden aine puupintjen besätningen ennen petsausta, re-petsaamista, siega- tai tiwesvaaineella berävätämätä. Wood ReNew is suitable for handling hirsien, terassien, aitojen and especially cedar products.

Wood ReNew is a sealing powder that is mixed with water and the mixture is spread over the surface of the wood. The substance removes the change in wood color caused by liana, downy mildew and mildew and restores the natural beauty of the tree.

Spread it out with a pintaan suihkeella, siveltimellä tai mopilla, levityssuunta alhaalta uppäs. Allow the solution to dissolve for ten minutes, keep the pint moist by adding the solution if necessary. If necessary, use a brush or a stiff broom to clean the surface. Rinse the hand tent area carefully from top to bottom or with a washing-up liquid or pressure washer. If the surface has strong color changes, the surface may need another treatment. When the product has been spread on the surface and then rinsed, the brush, brush and ground surface where the product can be applied are also located nearby.

2. Oxcon

It makes the surface of the tree lighter and brighter before using natural finishes or semi-bright stains. It is suitable for use in both sissä- and ulkopintien hirsisä, terasseilla, kaidepuissa and aidoissa. Oxcon can be applied with a brush, brush or mop. Spread plenty of substance on the surface to be treated (in the long run, more rather than less). Do not spread the product in single spots, as such a method may result in patchy soil. Leave the product on the surface for 10-15 minutes and then rinse it off with plenty of water. The working direction is from the bottom to the top, and the rinsing direction is from the bottom to the bottom.

3. Blaster-Buddy

An innovative remote-controlled machine, which weighs about 180 kg and is a little over a meter high. The machine comes with a 15 m hose and an instruction manual. If the machine is rented, a safety kit is also included with the package door, which includes a head mask with a face shield, gloves, earplugs and a breather.

The orphan substance made from corn is intended for the removal of old wood species. The exterior is made of dried corn cobs that have been ground to a crumbly consistency.

The product is placed in a device that works without the principle of a pressure washer and is blown through a nozzle of a certain size onto the surface of the wood, from which the finishing agent must be removed. The process is similar to sandblasting, but it is much safer for both the user and the environment.

Blowing corn kernels does not use water or chemicals, which could cause the wood grain to loosen from the soil or the wood to expand, so the surface to be treated does not need to be cleaned before using a finishing product. Careful handling of the surface produces a "velvet" finish, and it becomes darker after drying. The velvety structure allows the surface to be finished and the final result is a neat overall look.

For this job, you need a compressor, which you can rent from a local tool store. In addition, you also need an external container, and if you are interested in the subject, please contact Perma-Chinkin again.

When the wood surface has been inspected, the structural defects of the wood surface have been removed, and the wood surface has been properly treated with Perma-Chink Systems restoration products, proceed to the 2nd work phase.




Products not intended for restoration, to remove old finish layers and to give a new look to stained wood


Special ingredients for protecting wood from anteaters, termites, rot fungi and mold


Finishing materials for protection and cleaning of millets


The sealing material adapts to the bending of the wood and protects the millet structure from weather conditions.

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