One hundred percent borate powder-based wood preservative

Armor-Guard is a borate powder that can be dissolved in water and spread on the clean fungus by brushing or spraying. If Shell-Guardia or Shell-Guard RTU cannot be used for some reason, Armor-Guard is the next valid choice.


Before treating the wood, apply a 10 percent Armor-Guard water solution on the surface of the wood with a brush or spray until the area to be treated is properly covered (about one liter per 15 m2). The touch can be processed ainellä also siten, eksz puuhun porataan reikä ja sen ächten painetaan syegä-aineta reikään sen verran, ekszä aineta alkaa valua reiän reunojen yli. Alternatively, Armor-Guard-powder can also be applied to the damaged tree using the same puncture method. The powder can also be sprinkled on a pint of wood, in which case the amount of the substance is 50 g per square meter.


Armor-Guardia can be sprayed on the surface of the area or during a construction hurricane. It is applied first to all accessible clean wooden surfaces, the minimum amount of use is one liter per 15 m2. The substance should be applied to the wood when the siding and roof are installed, but before installing the thermal insulation and moisture barriers. Avoid liquid spillage on electrical cables and equipment. Protect the wall to be treated from the satellite. The ends of the wooden elements can also be treated with this agent, either by spraying or brushing, as described above, or by immersing the ends of the wooden element directly in Armor-Guard solution for 5 minutes.

Armor-Guard offers protection:

Typical features

  • the material can be processed without any wood
  • poojade syaeglan kashitellin pūnpinna ošela
  • protect against anteaters, roaches and fungus gnats
  • does not change the tree's vibrancy
  • does not prevent the use of high-quality wood chips
  • The mixture of substances is easy to mix in advance and spread over a pint of wood
  • the product's label has usage information for house owners
  • umprímösvirasto sälömämä
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