Strong polyethylene sealing tape

Cheap, but nevertheless effective sealing tape, known as Backer Rod. It remains visible on the outside of the millet and is a chemically neutral rigid polyethylene rope, which is intended to effectively fill the hole left on the outside of the millet before Perma-Chinkia or Energy Sealia is applied to those areas. Backer Rod is flexible and easy to push into holes, it is suitable for all possible grooves. The most important function of tiivistysnauhan is to fill the hirren and tiivistystysvahan outer free space. Choose a suitable high-quality sealing tape, which is best suited for outdoor use. For example, a sealing tape with a diameter of 1 cm must be used with a millet thread with a width of about 2.5 cm (about 15 cm of millet). Sijoittakaa tiivstysnauha hirsien väilin, pay attention to the location of the tiivstysnauhan head. Trap Rod sealing tape is used in milled houses, the outside of which is filled with elastomeric sealing wax. The Trap Rod sealing tape reduces the amount of Perma-Chink joint filler required, as it fills the milled area quite densely. Perma-Chink does not use a Trap Rod sealing tape, only a hirsien pintaan. Place the Trap Rod -tiivstystysnauha carefully on the outer edge, facing the narrow side. If the groove in the hip is of a suitable size, Trap Rodia can also be used for sealing windows and door frames and sub-floors. Before using the Trap Rod or Backer Rod -tiivstyssnauhojen, make sure that the outside of the mill is dry and that there are no foreign objects in it. Painakaa tiivstysnauha dorenpällä tai asianmukaisilla työvälinellä uurteen. Spread Trap Rod tai Backer Rod -tiivstyssnauhan ällä kerros Perma-Chink-seam plaster according to the instructions.

Typical features

  • thick sealing tape
  • trapezoidal thai round
  • more heat insulation in buildings
  • significantly reduces the amount of grout used for work
  • chemically neutral
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