TREE PRESERVATIVE COBRA Boratilla filled tango

The Cobra™ Rod filler rod is an effective method for treating the inner surface of logs in a decomposing barn, such as log ends, which have already been treated with a finishing agent. When the Cobra Rod rivetanko is työnnetty kosteaan tai märkään hirteen, niin rivetangon boraatt/kuparikombintelmä imeytyy tangosta siða säväään puuhun. The fillers destroy the decay fungus and help prevent the tree from decaying for the next 8-10 years. The Cobra Rod filler is available in two different lengths. A suitable hole is used to replace them. Asensunreiät is hidden after installation with either a suitable plastic seal or Energy Seal.

The most commonly used, 15-20 cm diameter round drum is replaced with a long and two short filling tank.

Cobra™ Rod filler rods are manufactured by Genics Inc. based in Alberta, Canada. trademark.

If you would like more information or would like some products recommended to you as an experienced construction contractor, please contact the nearest Perma-Chink Systems office.

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