Quick-drying interior finishing agent for wood

Sure Shine gives trees and slats a beautiful look without you having to use liquid finishes. Special ingredients help the material to last on wooden surfaces even under anchoring conditions. The substance dries quickly, so even three layers can be applied in one working day. Because Sure Shinesta does not evaporate in solvent vapors, you do not have to leave the house while the substance dries. The stain can be easily removed with water and soap. Sure Shinea can be used on both new and old topcoats. If you apply it to old finishes, Sure Shine adheres better to oil-based or water-based materials than to oil-based polyurethane. Sure Shine is an excellent complement to Coco Muta's range of finishes and is available in both Gloss and Satin. When using the substance in the Latvian treatment, it can be walked on after 8 hours!

Typical features

  • more layers can be spread on the same day
  • dry quickly
  • the substance does not evaporate with myrkyllous vapors
  • suitable for use in old finishing materials
  • an excellent substance for the maintenance of laths, panels and railings

Finishing materials for protection and cleaning of millets

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