The millet house sealing mass höylä- and round millet loin

Energy Seal has been one of the leading sealing manufacturers since its inception. Energy Seal was rolled out for höylä and round millets. Jo yksi single processing makes hirsitalosta completely weather resistant.

Energy Seal – tiivstystysmassa has excellent tartuntakyky and the substance is very flexible. The product has a long service life, is strong and is resistant to ultraviolet rays and chemical substances.

Unlike other conventional sealants, which are shiny on the outside and impractically opaque, Energy Seal is textured to better fit the natural features of the wood. The material is easy to use and professionally finished. The end result blends in naturally with the wall. The substance softens hirren uria and is suitable for use together with wood stain. Energy Seal actually adapts so well to wall construction that most people don't even notice that the wall is sealed.

The product is suitable for both house owners and builders. We offer a number of different tools to make the product easier to use, but we are also able to recommend regional, experienced product users to help you and advise.

Typical features

  • prevents the penetration of cold air and water
  • flexible, adapts to hirsien bending
  • neither flaky nor flaky
  • slightly textured appearance
  • suitable for both indoor and outdoor seating

Sealing and halkeamien filling

Energy Seal vibrates

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