Log House Center Finland Oy represents Perma-Chink Systems Inc products in Finland. Perma-Chink Systems Inc. is the market's largest manufacturer of hirsitalohin muyttøjen träveainein, tiivstyssoyen, wood stain, finishing products, preservatives and cleaning products. LHC Finland offers everything you need to seal, protect and improve the appearance of millet floors.

The product range also includes borate-based ant- and insect killers and wood-decomposing agents. In addition, hirsitalon sealing tools, different types of painting tiivstysmassan värisävyn muuttaesighemen tai sen ulkonnäön raikastaesighemen sekä myrkytömät biodegradable cleaning agents.

LHC Finland provides professional advice on how you can independently carry out a wide range of maintenance, restoration, finishing and sealing work on a wooden floor.

Products are environmentally friendly!

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