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Gasket Tape is a thick, medium-density PVC foam strip with a bend-sensitive adhesive tape on one side. Gasket Tape provides effective protection against the penetration of dust, heat, cold air and moisture into buildings. Gasket Tape is replaced during a construction hurricane. The tape is flexible and works even when the hinge is bent. Gasket Tape is a reliable non-sealing material, its operating temperature range is -20...+75 degrees. Gasket Tape is suitable for use with Shell-Guardin and Armor-Guardin. Gasket Tape is available in different sizes and in a 7.5 meter roll. Ask the millstone manufacturer for advice, who will tell you what sealing tape is best suited for your millstone.

Typical features

  • suitable for use together with all commonly used wood preservatives
  • is operationally safe in the operating temperature range of -20…+75 degrees
  • to preserve the muotansa both during the application and the hirsien later during the bending
  • effective adhesive tape facilitates use
  • does not veny during use
  • is not biodegradable, so it has a long service life
  • suitable for use in furrowed and uneven millet surfaces
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