Strong polyethylene sealing tape

Grip Strip is a stiff sealing tape. Under normal conditions of use, it does not move to the boy's place due to the effect of heat. Tiivistysnauhan's unique shape gives it excellent conditions for sticking to the holes in the outer wall of the hirsien. Saves a significant amount of money spent on plaster of paris.

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  • saumauslaastille tai tiivstystyhalle lujan tartuntapinna
  • The shape and structure of the sealing strip allow for easy installation without the need for screws, nails or glue
  • The sealing surface is waterproof (most of the elastic sealing surfaces are waterproof)
  • suitable for use with most synthetic sealants on the market
  • helps to prevent the formation of air bubbles in the screed layer
  • provides protection against heat loss
  • available in different sizes, suitable for different types of millet.
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