Sawn timber and wood for fastening

If you want fastening tools that give the best possible end result, then the right choice is the Log Boss product line developed for fastening millet and wooden structures. It is also possible to use a large amount of water in order to fix the hirsien paikoilleen and paikoillaan pittamänen. The surface covered with lubricant and the sturdy wing element make the installation of external fasteners as easy as you can imagine. Log Boss fasteners are available in different lengths and are packaged in 250 fastener boxes. An installation head is also included in each package.

Typical features

  • it is not necessary to drill the reiki for fastening
  • the external attachment is attached to the tree and does not require any maintenance
  • the flat head provides the best possible clamping force
  • Eliminates the need to use extra-sized nails and remotes
  • the surface hidden by the lubricant helps to save time spent on preparation
  • The hirren are held tightly in place by the external fasteners
  • with 6 LOBE -asunsupää, which does not slide in place during work
  • Teflon coating provides effective protection against rusting.
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