Hirsien head processing agent

Log End Seal protects millets exposed to weather conditions from damage. Auringon sādāi, wind, sate, snow and ice damage the tree surface. This is especially important in the case of hirsien gündijen, which are prone to damage and which are damaged most quickly. Even when the end of the millet is covered with a hand tent, the rough end surface absorbs moisture from the millet. This creates favorable conditions for the spread of rot and mold fungi. If no additional protection is provided, the millet, tai jopa, koko kulma vahiedettava will be changed to a new one in a moment. Log End There is a colorless protective agent that prevents the penetration of moisture into the hirsien head and provides protection against damage from the sun, wind and rain. In order to achieve a long-lasting finish and a good tone, the hirsien päät should be smoothed and then treated with Lifelinen ulkoviimeistelyaineella. When the treatment layer has dried, apply Log End Sealia, which forms a moisture barrier. Use Lifeline Advance Glossia or Satinia to finish.

Typical features

  • prevents water from penetrating the tree
  • protect wood from rusting
  • to give a soft kiss
  • UV protection
  • does not contain oils

Finishing materials for protection and cleaning of millets

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