Hirsitalon cleaning agent

Log Wash is nestämäinen tiweste hirsien and puupintjen rujdamiseen. This can be used both for regular maintenance and as a pre-treatment before applying a new layer of stain or protective agent. Hirsitalon ulkoseiniin collects dust and likaa and other impurities that are transferred without the help of the ulkoseinia, which makes the ulkoseinian fade and creates favorable conditions for the synthesis of the lawn and home gardens. A light cleaning once or twice a year will keep the exterior of the building in good condition and prolong the life of the exterior. In order to prepare for the application of a new layer of stain and protective agent, the wood surface is cleaned of dirt, grime, impurities and stains caused by the pintaan kyxintyneiden de lahotai home fungi. Unlike other bleaching agents, Log Wash does not change the natural pH level of the wood, thus preventing the occurrence of damage caused by tätkujen or tanning agents.


  • Removes liana, dust, impurities, decay fungus, homein both from finished and finished wooden surfaces
  • does not damage previously used finishing materials or untreated wood fibers
  • suitable for use with halkeamien filling wax and saumauslaastien eigu
  • environmental friendly

Finishing materials for protection and cleaning of millets

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