Finishing agent remover

The PCSI S-100 finisher remover is an environmentally friendly water-based solvent that removes many old oil- or water-based finishers from mills, outdoor storage and steel roofs. Perma-Chink Systems was developed based on a new technology for removing old paint from aircraft aluminum surfaces.

The ready-to-use gel is easy to apply with a brush, paint roller or vacuum roller. The substance softens the old finish layer in a few minutes, and since it is a gel, the substance remains moist and active for quite a long time. When the old finishing layer has softened enough, it can be removed with a pressure washer.

S-100 does not darken wood or change its vibrancy, it does not rust metal surfaces or change their vibrancy, it does not damage sealants or joint fillers. Even though the substance is an effective substance for removing hirsitaloj prīmetelyainein poistaežen, there are some hidden layers that require more effective chemical substances to remove. Perma-Chink Systems recommends that you first order the S-100 product template and test it on the finisher you want to remove and then fill out the final order window.

Typical features

  • remove most of the old hirsistä, ulkverhoilusta and terrassintointoyä
  • does not damage the sealants of the joint sealer
  • does not rust aluminum or other metal surfaces and does not change their vibration tone
  • environmental friendly
  • prímetelyainein poistajaa S-100 is not recommended for cleaning lyijyä anctusavien maalien tai ennen avouta 1972 pintaan levitettyjen maalien poistaežen.
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