Hirsitalon tiivstysmassa

Since 1981, I have been on the market as a millet house sealant. Perma-Chinki has become the most used sealant wax in thousands of cases. Even if their construction style required a worn-out look and a crack-free exterior, they would achieve completely smooth surfaces. This product is the best filling mass in all respects, ulkomoden, pakkauksen eks appogyutsiiyyden kannalta.

Perma-Chink is a textured and flexible seam filler, which can be used to fill the space between the hirsien säke urat jotta lämphäviö tai kylmän ilman innpääsy olisi estetty. Vaikka tuote umna ulkonnäöltän perineitä murauuslaastia, it's a chip. Perma-Chink is a pure acrylic mass that adheres to a pint of millet and creates a weatherproof layer on it when the millet is bent in place.

Perma-Chink is, like all other products, very easy to use. You can always turn to our experienced and friendly staff in problem situations. We are just a phone call away.

Perma-Chink products are suitable for both house owners and professional developers. We offer several different tools to help you use the product, but we can also recommend experienced product users in your area, who can provide help and advice.

Typical features

  • prevents the penetration of cold air and water
  • suitable for both indoor and outdoor seating
  • flexible, adapts to hirsien bending
  • suitable for all weather conditions

Sealing and halkeamien filling

Perma-Chink shimmer

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