Ready-to-use wood preservative

Shell-Guard RTU is a ready-to-use borate-based preservative that contains the same active ingredients and glycol compounds as the proven effective Shell-Guard sealants. Shell-Guard RTU is colorless and non-dispersive like Shell-Guard-tiwese, aineella on vyske myrkyllisyys for humans and pets, but it is an effective agent against wood decay and insect damage both ulko- özse sissekäytötsä. Since it is a ready-to-use product, you can pour it directly from the container into the syringe without having to dispense or mix the product. In addition to its ease of use, Shell-Guard RTU has several other advantages, including the uniform density of the substance and relatively fast drying time. The deer can be poisoned already 1-3 days after applying Shell-Guard RTU:lla. The effect of Shell-Guard RTU lasts as long as you use Lifeline wood stain as a tree preservative.

Typical features

  • a protective and skin-conditioning agent
  • the product does not need to be dosed or mixed
  • penetrates deep into the tree
  • umprímösvirasto sälömämä
  • dry quickly
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