Wood cleaning agent

Wood ReNew is a biodegradable, percarbonate-based wood cleaner that cleans and brightens gray and weather-damaged wood surfaces. Use the product if you want to restore the original natural grain of the wood before using high-quality wood finishing products. Wood ReNew contains a thickening agent, thanks to which the substance adheres more effectively to millet wood and exterior wood. You just need to wet the surface to be cleaned, mix Wood ReNew-tive with water, mix the mixture carefully and then spread it on the wall with a mop or a brush. Wood ReNew starts to foam and foam as soon as the wall plaster is removed. After about ten minutes, brush the wall again with a medium-stiff brush and rinse with plenty of water. Stains, decay fungus, mold, rain stains and damage caused by UV radiation are gone and the tree looks new and fresh again. Do not use Wood ReNew in direct sunlight. Spread the word I'm going up from the bottom up, but rinse that boy from the top down.

Typical characteristics

  • removes gray spots caused by UV radiation, water stains, fungus, mold and pigment stains
  • restores the natural tone of the tree
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