One of the most important principles of tree protection is to keep the wood away from the environment. All protective agents have been developed for the biological process, so care must be taken when handling the product, applying it to the surface of the tree, and storing the product containers at a later stage. Noudattakaa prepares the given warnings and special instructions in the product's user manual.

Most of the protective materials are supplied with instructions that state the product's lifespan, but the rule of thumb is that one application lasts four to four times on the surface of the wood before another application.

The usual working method used for the application of paints and finishing materials is also applicable in the handling of several protective materials. Applying protective agents does not always require a brush, they can be applied to the surface by spray, roller or brush in the same way as finishing agents. The instructions on the product label must be strictly followed.

We have also brought to the market a variety of protective agents suitable for various purposes, which are useful for house owners. In white pine wood, the blue lahosien can wash into the outer layer of the tree, if no protective agent is used. Asiakiat valitavat, that the tree must be dumbed down to drink, but it will cause fungus, and bleaching agents will not solve the problem. The fungus actually starts to develop inside the tree and its destruction is the usual way, if only the wood's outer surface is used for it.

You can also drill a hole in the wood and spray the whole fungus until the liquid starts to pour out of the hole. If the borate can be reduced, use a moisture-resistant sealant, such as Lifeline Ultra-2 or Lifeline Exterioria, after the surface has dried. However, it may take 1-4 weeks for the surface to dry at low temperatures and in wet weather.

Shell-Guard RTU is ready-to-use, ant-repellent, insect- and fungicide-registered by the Environmental Protection Agency. Just like Shell-Guard seals, Shell-Guard RTU is available in tinted and diffused shades. Aineen myrkyllisyys is very low for people and pets, but it is an effective protective agent against decomposition and insect damage both outdoors and indoors.

The substance is immediately ready for use, it can be poured into the syringe container and the substance does not need to be dosed or mixed before use. If you can do the whole job within one day, don't worry, put the unused solution back in the original packaging and it can be used the next day, the next week or even the next month. Shell-Guard RTU:n the effect is lasting, the treatment never needs to be renewed. Thanks to the unique composition of the borate penetrating substance, it penetrates deep into the tree and protects it from insect damage and decay for several years. The advantage of Shell-Guard RTU is a relatively short drying time. Hirsien petzaaminen can be started after 1-3 days after the treatment of the material.




Products not intended for restoration, to remove old finish layers and to give a new look to stained wood


Special ingredients for protecting wood from anteaters, termites, rot fungi and mold


Finishing materials for protection and cleaning of millets


The sealing material adapts to the bending of the wood and protects the millet structure from weather conditions.

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