The first job in giving your log cabin a fresh look is cleaning the wood surfaces. On new wood surfaces, brush off or remove any extraneous debris. On log surfaces where fungi are growing under a layer of stain or finish, remove the finish with either pressure washing, cutting or sandpaper and wipe over with a damp cloth or sponge before applying the preservative. There are several ways to clean soiled and weather-damaged wood. Perma-Chink Systems offers the following tools for cleaning wooden surfaces:

1. Wood ReNew

An excellent tool for preparing wood surfaces before applying stains and re-stains, preservatives or sealants. Wood ReNew is well suited for processing logs, terraces, fences and various types of cedar wood.

Wood ReNew is a concentrate powder that is mixed with water and then applied to the wood. It removes stains and changes in wood tone caused by dirt, powdery mildew and rot fungus, restoring the natural beauty of the wood.

Apply the solution to the wood surface using a sprayer, brush or mop from the bottom up. Let the solution work for ten minutes, keep the surface wet by adding the solution. If necessary, use a brush with medium stiff bristles or a strong broom to clean the surface. Rinse the work surface thoroughly from top to bottom with either hose water or a pressure washer. A heavily discolored wood surface may require additional care. Once the product has been applied and rinsed off, also rinse nearby shrubs, plants and garden surfaces that may have come in contact with the product.

2. Oxcon

Brightens and brightens wood surfaces before using natural finishes or translucent stains. Suitable for use on both internal and external wall logs, terraces, fences and fences. Oxcon can be applied to the work surface either by spray, brush or mop. Apply a decent amount (more rather than less) to the work surface. Do not apply the product to individual points, as this method of working can make the work surface patchy. Leave the product on the wood surface for 10-15 minutes, then rinse the product off with plenty of water. Apply the tool to the wood surface from the bottom up, rinse from the top down.


1. Wood restoration

Wood restoration products, removal of old finishing materials and cleaning of dirty wood

2. Log house maintenance and protection

Special tools for the protection of wood against ants, insect pests, wood rot, decay fungi and mustiness

3. Finishing

Finishing tools to protect and decorate a log house

4. Sealing or insulating the log house

Sealants adapt to wood subsidence to protect your log home from the elements

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