The sirotetjemmeda vanhan prīmetelyaineen poistaeženje

The Blaster-Buddy-sirotemethodema is the simplest and safest method of cleaning old millets. Talone is cleaned so that the surface of the tree remains dry and is immediately ready to be treated with a new, beautiful Lifeline finish. The Blaster-Buddy equipment weighs about 200 kg and is a little more than a meter tall. The Koneen delivery includes 15 m of hose, remote control and user manual. The Vuokratun device comes with a safety package, which includes protective gloves, earplugs, a dust mask, and a face shield and headgear.

Typical features

  • environmental friendly
  • no water is used - the wall remains dry
  • the method does not use syövytsväivä ainaeta thai chemical
  • Cleaning after cleaning is easy - the residues are biodegradable
  • when sirotetyöt is done, the wall is ready to be treated with a protective agent or a stain

Hankausväilenen kurkea sirotusnoepus sikkeit vanhan srimetelyaineen almost ilman puhun kaskemista. The syrup is available in 18 kg sacks. In normal conditions, 6.5-18 m2 of wood surface can be cleaned with one bag of orphan powder, although it depends on the condition of the finishing layer to be cleaned, as well as the age and characteristics of the tree.

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