Oxcon bleaching agent (oxalic acid concentrate) is an effective bleaching agent that stimulates wood surfaces and restores gray or weather-damaged wood surfaces to a fresh, clean appearance. Oxcon also removes rust stains around nails and screws. Use Oxcon on logs, decks, balconies, handrails and other wood surfaces subject to weather damage. Oxcon is sold as a concentrate that is dissolved in water before use. The best […]

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Wood Renew

Wood ReNew is a biodegradable, percarbonate-based wood cleaner that cleans and revitalizes gray and weathered wood surfaces. Use the product if you want to return the wood to its original natural color before using our high-quality wood finishing products. Wood ReNew contains a thickener that helps the product adhere more effectively to log walls and exterior siding. Simply wet the surface you want to clean,

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Log Wash

The log house cleaner Log Wash is a liquid concentrate for cleaning logs and wooden surfaces. It can be used both for periodic maintenance and for applying a new layer of stain or protective agent to the wood during preparatory work. Dust and dirt and other air-borne pollutants accumulate on the exterior walls of a log house, which make the exterior walls rickety and promote the spread of mold and mildew. Light cleaning once or twice a year

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