Bleaching agent

Oxcon Oxcon (oxalic acid concentrate) is an effective bleaching agent that revitalizes wood surfaces and restores gray or weather-damaged wood surfaces to a fresh, clean appearance. Oxcon also removes rust stains around nails and screws. Use it Oxconi on logs, terraces, balconies, handrails and other wooden surfaces subject to weather damage.

Oxconi is sold as a concentrate that is dissolved in water before use. It is best to apply the product to wood surfaces with a garden hose and a pump, but a brush or brush can also be used very well. Apply the product to the wood so that the wood remains thoroughly wet, let it sit on the work surface for 10-15 minutes, then rinse thoroughly with clean water.

OxconOxcon should not be used to clean individual areas as it may cause discolouration of the wood surface.

Apply the product to the work surface from the bottom up, rinse from the top down.insulation of a log house

Characteristic features

  • diluted 4:1
  • restores the natural color of weather-damaged wood
  • revives the color of darkened or tarnished wood
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