Halkeamien filler and sealant

Check Mate 2 is an excellent moisture-resistant sealant that prevents moisture and cold from penetrating into millet, wood, and wood exterior materials through the cracks that have formed.

Check Mate 2 forms a firm and flexible filling and concealing layer when filling random cracks. Its shade is very durable, the material is UV-resistant and weatherproof. It is also very resistant to mold and mildew and is not affected by the impurities it carries. Even the most worrisome cracks can be filled with Check Mate 2.

It is especially important that any cracks that open upwards are filled, as rainwater can collect in them. Such unfilled cracks can cause the tree to decay. If the house floor is an old shingle, apply the shingle with Shell-Guardia before filling it with Check Mate 2.

Typical features

  • moisture resistant
  • suitable for both indoor and outdoor seating
  • flexible, adapts to hirsien bending
  • fills a gap of no more than 1 cm wide

Sealing and halkeamien filling

Check Mate 2 vibration tone

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