The paint to be used after winging

Chink Paint is an elastomeric textured concealer for repairing the sealing layer of the tai sen vibravyn. Maali creates an excellent opportunity to give the house a new and fresh exterior by brightening the old and dirty sealing layers and changing their existing vibrancy.

Chink Paint's flexibility allows it to be used together with Perma-Chink's Thai Energy Seal. Maali is neither halkeile nor hilseile.

Chink Paint helps to save both time and money in the restoration of an old house, because the old sealing layer can be painted and it does not have to be removed. Wait until the stain dries up and then apply Chink Paintia.

Typical features

  • UV resistant
  • enables changing the vibration tone of the sealing layer
  • hides the existing stain layer
  • flexible, neither flaky nor flaky
  • suitable for all weather conditions

Sealing and halkeamien filling

Chink Paint shimmer shade

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