Crack filler and sealant

Check Mate 2 is an excellent moisture-resistant sealant that prevents the penetration of moisture and cold through cracks (random cracks) in logs, wooden materials and wooden exterior cladding materials.

When filling random cracks, it forms Check Mate 2 strong elastic filling and covering layer. It has good color retention, UV and weather resistance, and good resistance to mold and mildew and airborne pollutants. Even the most worrying cracks can be filled Check Mate 2with.

It is especially important to fill the cracks that open upwards, because rainwater can collect there. These types of unfilled cracks can start wood rot. If your house has old cracks that are at risk of wood rot, apply log filler first Check Mate 2 definitely Shell-Guard.insulation of a log house

Characteristic features
  • Moisture-proof
  • Suitable for both interior and exterior walls
  • Elastic, adapts to wood subsidence
  • Fills cracks up to 1 cm wide
  • Sealing Materials User Manual
Check Mate 2 color selection
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