Post sealing paint

Chink Paint is an elastomeric textured topcoat for refreshing or changing the color of the sealing layer. Paint provides an excellent opportunity to give the house a new and fresh look by enlivening old and dirty sealing layers or changing their existing color tone.

Chink Painti elasticity allows it to be used together Perma-Chinki or Energy Sealeach, the paint will not crack or peel.

When restoring an older house, you can Chink Paint save both time and money by allowing you to paint the old sealing layer without removing it first. Just wait for the stain to dry and then apply a coat Chink Painti in just the color you want.

Characteristic features
  • UV resistant
  • Allows you to change the color of the sealing layer
  • Covers the existing stain layer
  • Elastic, does not crack or peel
  • Suitable for all weather conditions
  • Sealing Materials User Manual
Chink Paint color selection
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