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Four Easy Steps to Beautify and Protect Your Dream

Proper care and maintenance of the wood in a log home can create a beautiful habitat and prevent a host of problems in the future. Maintaining a log home can more than double it\’s life expectancy. If logs are properly cared for and maintained periodicly, it can more than double your home life expectancy. Before you start any project make sure you inspect your log home. Read more about inspection here.



Restoration products to remove old finishes and make dirty wood look like new



Finishes to protect and bring out the beauty of your log home



Special preservatives to protect against termites, carpenter ants, insects, rot, mold and mildew

4. SEAL:


Flexible sealants for every weatherproofing job aroung your log home

“Caring for Your Dream Home” brochure
“Sealants Guide” brochure

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