In connection with the inspection of the roof facade, pay particular attention to:

  • plants that grow less than half a meter away from the walls of the house
  • maintenance of rainwater gutters and gutter heads
  • I place wooden parts that are in direct contact with the ground at a height of no more than 30 cm
  • huupinot, jotka ovat alle puolen meterin distancelä talosta
  • Faded areas of the finish layer
  • you have to be especially careful when inspecting their facades
  • which are constantly under the influence of weather conditions

South- and west-facing walls generally receive more solar radiation than other walls.

In Hallitseville, a wall exposed to the wind direction suffers more precipitation than a wall exposed to the other direction.

Pyrkikaä to locate damage caused by weather conditions:

  • fading of the finished material
  • water stain hirsien päädyissä
  • A water stain is applied to the affected wall

Make sure that the water spray from the lawn sprinkler does not reach the wall.

Seuratkaa rainwater shuntaa also on windy days.

Selvittäkää, onko ylvällätä peittämämsässä hirsissä dust, pollution, etc. without damage.

Clean the found damage with water and miedolla cleaning solution.

Selvittäkää, is there a halkeamia in the final product, hilseileivä päytä tai ilmakuplia.

Tarkistakaa primibelymaterialien kousteudrenstätten.

Duchtattakaa tai sryuttakaa seinin vätä, sen ächtlen katsokaa, miten water droplet poun pinnassa "functioning".

Check if the hips are not affected by laho and home-sienien aiehutamia

  • prīmedelypinnassa (can homeen wash the boy?)
  • under the finishing surface

Upward-facing cracks (leveydeltään at least half a centimeter and leveämmät) should be filled. Use the Check Mate product for that.

Check carefully for signs of dampness in the hip.

  • the wood changes
  • the wood has softened

All millet surfaces and millet ends, which are not covered by the roof coating, must be checked with particular care.

Check that all sealing layers (Perma-Chink, Energy Seal, QSL, Check Mate) are intact between the joists, around the windows and doors, at the joints of the joists, at the roof line and in all other places where cold weather or moisture can penetrate the building.

There are two important steps in protecting wood: preparing the wood surface and applying the protective agent. Always start with clean wood soil. Preparation of the wood surface, sealant, etc. For processing, it is as important as building the foundations of a millet house. If you hide a stained, moldy, rot-damaged tree with paint, you will see more and more stained, moldy, and decayed wood under it.

It is equally important to follow the instructions for the use of syaera-ainen, petcin and szirametelyainein when handling wood. Read the user manual carefully before starting work.

If you have any questions, always call us before you start work.

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