Exterior Satin tai Gloss, colorless protective agent finishing resin

Lifeline Advance is a colored finishing agent intended for stains. Lifeline Advance brightens up the vibrancy and highlights the features of Lifeline Ultra-2 and Lifeline Exterior, so that millet-like features become more successful. The base stain of the acrylic resin and the fillers in Lifeline Advance is the final finish of the milled base of the värisävylle ulkoviimeistel. Regular maintenance of exterior walls Lifeline Advancella helps to extend the durability of exterior walls. If you are not sure whether Lifeline Advancen color finish is suitable for use in the current situation, please read the information on the next page. Like all other Lifeline finishing materials, Lifeline Advance is water-soluble and environmentally friendly, and can be washed with mild soap and water. The substance allows the wood to breathe and the moisture to evaporate, reducing at the same time the formation of cracks. If you apply Lifeline Advancen stain layer on exterior surfaces, it improves UV protection, moisture resistance, and protects against the spread of mildew on exterior finish surfaces. Lifeline Advance reduces dirt and dust on outdoor surfaces. Lifeline Advance makes cleaning hirsien ulkokerrosten easier, especially if you use Log Washia for cleaning once a year. Lifeline Advancea is available in two different options. Lifeline Advance Satinin -layer dries flat and silky, depending on the finishing materials used before. If you want to achieve a flat surface, apply one layer of Satinia. If you want to get silkkissämmen ulkoilmeen, apply two layers of Lifeline Advance Satinia. Lifeline Advance Gloss is applied to dry wood in kilos depending on the finish used. If you want to achieve a semi-glossy surface, apply one coat of Lifeline Advance Glossia. If you want a glossy finish, apply two layers of Lifeline Advance Glossia. Two layers last longer than one layer.

Typical features

  • siega laho- and homesieniä vätanen
  • moisture resistant
  • protect wood from rusting
  • antaa (silky) kiillon
  • does not contain oils (but a small amount of volatile organic chemicals)
  • UV protection
  • creates a clear protective layer for the tree, which allows the tree to breathe
  • 1-2 layers are spread on the tree trunk.

Finishing materials for protection and cleaning of millets

Lifeline Advance Alternate:

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