Joint grout / Foundation

Prelude is a plaster of paris/foundation for wood surfaces that have been treated with a spray method. In recent years, the use of a sprayer has become more and more popular in removing old topcoats, so that the surface can be treated with a new layer of stain. The spreading method slightly increases the porosity of the wood, so the treated surface will use more stain than the surface that has been treated chemically or washed or cleaned with a pressure washer. As a result of a larger stain, the surface of the tree is darker than the wood grain. In the hip, sirotemetöden österning ächtlen also konstruktepoikkeamia appears, jopa yhden hirren osolasta. This may cause the formation of raitojen and tahrojen in the final finish, because different types of millet finish have different finishes. Prelude solves most of the problems that have arisen after using orphaned methods. One layer of the substance fills the pores of the wood and prepares the surface for use with a stain containing pigments. At this point, it should be emphasized that the Prelude is a plaster of paris / foundations and does not lead to the finale! Suitable for use only in combination with water-slide Lifeline-petsien.

Typical features

  • reduces the porosity of wood treated with the spreading method
  • prevents excessive absorption of pigmented skin and darkening of the vibratuna
  • to create a uniform working surface, to prevent the formation of raitojen and tahrojen in stains

Finishing materials for protection and cleaning of millets

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