Sealant / Primer

Prelude is a sealant / primer for wood surfaces that have been treated with a bulk method. In recent years, the bulk method has gained popularity for removing old finishing layers to then apply a new layer of stain to the wood.

However, the bulk method slightly increases the porosity of the wood, so surfaces treated this way will require more stain than those that have been chemically treated, sanded or pressure washed.

A larger amount of stain will result in a darker final shade than shown on the color chart. In addition, there are textural differences in the wood after the bulk method, even within a single log. This can cause streaks and stains in the final finish due to different amounts of finish being absorbed into different log surfaces.

Prelude solves several problems that have arisen on the wood after using the bulk method. One layer of the agent fills the pores of the wood and prepares the surface for the use of a pigmented stain. However, it must be emphasized here that Prelude is a sealant / primer and is therefore not suitable for finishing!

Suitable for use only with water soluble Lifeline with stains.insulation of a log house

Characteristic features

  • reduces wood porosity on surfaces treated with the bulk method
  • prevents excessive absorption of pigmented stain and darkening of the color tone
  • provides an even work surface, preventing the appearance of streaks and stains during staining

Instructions for use of finishing tools

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