Tool for processing log ends

Log In There protects log ends exposed to the weather from damage. Sunlight, wind, rain, snow and ice damage the wood surface. It is especially important to notice this in the case of log ends that are exposed to the weather and where cracks and damage quickly appear.

Even if the ends of the logs are treated with stain, the end surface of the log draws moisture into the interior of the log. This provides an opportunity for rot and mold to spread. If additional protection is not offered, the end result is that it is necessary to replace either a log or even an entire corner of the building.

Log In There is a colorless preservative that prevents moisture from penetrating the log ends and provides protection against damage caused by sun, wind and rain. For best results and a suitable color tone, the ends of the logs should be sanded smooth and then applied to the wood Lifeline exterior finishing agent. When the latter has dried, apply to the ends of the logs Log In There, to create a moisture barrier. Use as a finishing touch Lifeline Advance Gloss or Satin.insulation of a log house

Characteristic features

  • prevents water ingress
  • protects the wood from yellowing
  • gives a soft shine
  • UV protection
  • does not contain oils

Instructions for use of finishing tools

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