Epoxy resin wood

The liquid containing M-Balmin epoxy resin penetrates deeply into the hollow, diseased, dried Thai mushroom wood, picking up and strengthening the wood with a strong moisture-resistant substance that contains both the original wood fiber and the epoxy resin mixture. The more M-Balmia is used, the stronger the harvest will be from the tree. The substance seals the damaged area and prepares the surface for E-Wood treatment. Epoxy Resin - Part A Hardener - Part B

Mixing/using bottle

  1. Mix two parts of M-Balm-epoksihartsia yhten partaan lujittajaa. Simply mix as much as you can in 30 minutes to spread over the surface of the tree.
  2. Squeeze the substance and pump it to be treated in a pint. Repeat the operation if necessary.
  3. In an extreme case, you can also drill a hole in the damaged tree trunk and squeeze the substance directly into the reiki.

Typical features

  • strengthen the damaged tree
  • cleaned with vinegar
  • penetrates deep into the tree.
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