Bulk method for removing old finish

Blaster Buddy the bulk method for removing old finish is the easiest and safest method for your log home. Your house will be cleaned so that the wood surface is dry and immediately ready for a new beautiful look Lifeline as a finishing layer.

Blaster Buddy the device weighs about 200 kg and is just over a meter high. The device comes with a 15 m hose, remote control and user manual. The rental equipment comes with a safety kit that includes gloves, earplugs, a dust mask and a face shield with headgear.insulation of a log house

Characteristic features

  • environmental friendly
  • no water is used - the walls remain dry
  • the method does not use corrosive agents or chemicals
  • cleaning up after work is easy - waste materials are biodegradable
  • when the bulk work is done, the wall is ready for the application of a protective agent or stain

The abrasive's high spray speed removes the old finish almost without damaging the wood. The bulk agent is available in 18 kg bags.

With one bag full of bulk agent, 6.5–18 m2 of wood surface can be cleaned under normal conditions, depending on the condition of the finishing agent to be removed and the age and typical properties of the wood.

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