Oxcon (oxaal acid concentrate) is an effective bleaching agent that brightens the wood surface and restores weathered and damaged wood surfaces, giving them a fresh and clean appearance. Oxcon also removes rust stains around nails and screws. Use Oxconia millet wood, steel wood, balcony wood, log wood, and other wood surfaces that are affected by weather conditions. Oxconia is sold as a concentrate that is dissolved in water before use. The best way to apply the external substance to wood surfaces is with a garden hose equipped with a pump, but for the same purpose, a brush with a Thai brush is also suitable. Let it soak in for 10-15 minutes, then rinse with plenty of clean water. Oxconia should not be used to clean individual areas, as it may cause discoloration of the wood surface. Spread the product from bottom to top, rinse again from top to bottom.

Typical features

  • is expanded in a ratio of 4:1
  • restores the natural tone of weather-damaged wood
  • kirkstaa puun tummuneen tai haalistunen vibrävyn.
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