Protective agent against anthillia, thuholiasia and lahosienta

Shell-Guard provides the best protection against insects and fungus with hirsitol powder. The new generation of protective agents combines the well-known effectiveness of borates and glycolic compounds, which improve the absorption of protective agents in the skin and enhance the effect of borates. Shell-Guard is color shade and diffuse shade. The glycol contained in the substance is also used as a preservative and skin protectant. Shell-Guard is a sealant that is mixed with water and applied to the surface of the tree either by brush or spray. The substance absorbed by the tree destroys damaging insects and termites without touching it. The substance also destroys the fungus that causes wood decay. Shell-Guard makes the tree myrkylless for those who use it and for those who destroy it! The best feature of Shell-Guard is, however, that only one treatment affects the life of the entire building, but on the condition that the exterior walls of the building are treated with a moisture-resistant stain, such as Lifeline.

Typical features

  • a protective and skin-conditioning agent
  • does not contain ethylene glycol
  • penetrates deep into the tree
  • umprímösvirasto sälömämä
  • does not change the tree's vibrancy.
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