Vesiliukoinen saumaus substance hirsien to be replaced during cooking

Woodsman is a mulching agent used in sorghum reserves, which is distributed in the sorghum field or in the sorghum stage. Woodsman is more flexible and has better adhesion than other floor cleaners, it also provides better protection against insect damage, cold weather and moisture.

Woodsmania is very easy to use. The finished mixed product speeds up installation and shortens the total time for harvesting millets. In connection with the replacement of Woodsman saumaus, the substance can be removed hirren pinnasta pölkää soap with water sote erillissa äärkääääää not required.

Typical features

  • protect from cold weather and moisture
  • economic
  • very flexible
  • ready mix
  • lightly tinted

Sealing and halkeamien filling

Woodsman shivers

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