UV Boost

Stain additive to reduce UV damage on wood surfaces UV Boost is a concentrated water-soluble liquid stain additive that contains ultraviolet radiation inhibitors based on new technology. Some geographic areas are more exposed to intense sunlight. Over time, ultraviolet radiation darkens the wood. When UV Boost is added to Lifeline water-soluble stains, UV Boost prevents graying of the wood under the stain layer. As the concentration of active ingredients varies, be sure to use the prescribed amount [...]

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Log In There

Log End Seal protects log ends exposed to the weather from damage. Sunlight, wind, rain, snow and ice damage the wood surface. It is especially important to notice this in the case of log ends that are exposed to the weather and where cracks and damage quickly appear. Even if the ends of the logs are treated with stain, the end surface of the log draws moisture into the interior of the log. This gives an opportunity to […]

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Lifeline Prelude

Sealant / Primer Prelude is a sealant / primer for wooden surfaces treated with the bulk method. In recent years, the bulk method has gained popularity for removing old layers of finish to then apply a new layer of stain to the wood. However, the bulk method slightly increases the porosity of the wood, so surfaces treated this way will require more stain than those that have been chemically treated, sanded or pressure washed. A bigger […]

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Die Shine

Sure Shine, a fast-drying, colorless interior finish for wood, gives a beautiful look to wood and floors without the hassle of solvent-based finishes. Special ingredients allow wood surfaces to withstand even the harshest conditions. The product dries quickly, so you can apply three coats on your work surfaces in a single day! Because Sure Shine does not emit solvent vapors, you do not have to leave the house until the tool

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Lifeline Acrylic

Clear Interior Finish Satin or Gloss We are pleased to offer Lifeline Acrylic Satin & Acrylic Gloss the best clear interior finishes for your natural log home. There is no better way to highlight the beauty of wall materials, ceiling materials, rafters, sawn timber and paneling used in construction. Lifeline Acrylic Satin & Acrylic Gloss are water-soluble, offering polyurethane-based durability, clarity and longevity; using the tool is simple and

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Lifeline Interior

Stain and sealant for interior surfaces and lumber Finishing stain Lifeline Interior highlights the natural beauty and texture of interior logs and wooden ceilings. The product creates a finishing layer on the wood that allows the wood to breathe and is easy to wash and clean of dust. Lifeline also reduces the absorption of household odors into the wood. Lifeline Interior is a fire-resistant and odorless finishing agent. It does not turn yellow and [...]

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Lifeline Endure

Water Soluble Clear Decking Finish Lifeline Endure decking stain is applied in one coat to the wood to protect against precipitation and provide excellent protection against graying of wood caused by UV rays. The product does not significantly affect the environment, is scratch-resistant and does not become dangerously slippery even when wet. Endure patio finishing agent is such a perfect protective agent that it does not need other products for additional protection

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Lifeline Advance

Exterior Satin or Gloss, a colorless protective agent for the coat of exterior finish stain Lifeline Advance is a colorless finishing agent for use on stained exterior surfaces. Lifeline Advance adds vibrancy to the color tone and highlights the features of Lifeline Ultra-2 and Lifeline Exterior to make your log home truly stand out. The acrylic resin and additives in Lifeline Advance give the base stain color the longest possible life in log house exterior finishing. Periodic maintenance of exterior walls with Lifeline Advance

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Lifeline Exterior

Lifeline Exterior Translucent Stain and Sealant is a translucent finish that tones and highlights the natural beauty of wood. In addition, Lifeline Exterior creates a weatherproof polymer layer on the wood that allows the logs to breathe and dry. This fact is very important if you are hiding a sign or only partially dried logs. Lifeline Exterior can be applied to wood either with a brush, sponge or [...]

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Lifeline Ultra-2

A long-lasting stain and finish for your home Applying two coats of Lifeline Ultra-2 to wood will help ensure consistent color care for your building's walls. From the day you apply the product to the walls and all the many years until the finish lasts on the wall, this wood stain will make your building stand out from the rest. The colorless Lifeline Advance Gloss or Satin protective layer gives depth and brightness to the wood texture. The smooth […]

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