Epoxy Wood Consolidator M-Balm epoxy liquid penetrates deeply into porous, deteriorated, dried-out or spongy wood, curing and hardening into a strong, water-resistant mass that includes both the original wood fibers and the epoxy mixture. The more M-Balm used, the stronger the restored wood member will become. It consolidates the decayed area in preparation for use with …

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Finish Removal System The Blaster-Buddy finish removing system is the easiest and safest method of removing old finishes from your log home. Your home will be clean, dry and ready to apply beautiful new coats of LifeLine stains and finishes. The Blaster-Buddy system weighs approximately 200 kilograms and is about a meter high. It comes …

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Smart Strip

Professional–Grade Finish Remover Smart Strip Professional Finish Remover is an environmentally friendly, water-based solvent that removes most oil and water-based stains and topcoats. Smart Strip contains no harsh chemicals, is biodegradable and non-flammable and unlike caustic strippers, Smart Strip will not darken nor discolor the wood. Features and Statistics Removes most finishes from logs, siding and …

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PCSI S 100

Finish Remover PCSI S-100 Finish Remover is an environmentally friendly water-based solvent that removes many oil and water-borne finishes from logs, siding, and decks. Perma-Chink Systems developed a finish remover using new technology originally developed for removing paint from aluminum aircraft surfaces. Supplied as a ready-to-use gel, it is easily applied with a short bristled …

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Epoxy Putty Wood Restoration System E-Wood is a putty-like, non-shrinking, epoxy filler used to fill in missing sections of logs or dimensional wood members. E-Wood will form a permanent bond to most rigid surfaces. Porous surfaces should always be treated with a compatible, low viscosity epoxy system such as M-Balm. Use E-Wood to replace missing …

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