Water soluble sealant for use during log alignment Woodsman is an indoor sealant that is applied between logs during construction. Woodsman is flexible and has good grip ability and therefore offers good protection against insect damage, cold air and moisture. When insulating a prefabricated log house, Woodsman is an irreplaceable sealing material. Woodsman is easy to use. Woodsman can be washed off the log surface only with soap and water, follow-up […]

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Chink Paint

Post-caulking paint Chink Paint is an elastomeric textured topcoat for refreshing or changing the color of the caulking layer. Paint provides an excellent opportunity to give the house a new and fresh look by enlivening old and dirty sealing layers or changing their existing color tone. The elasticity of Chink Paint allows it to be used with Perma-Chink or Energy Seal, the paint will not crack or peel. When restoring an older house, you can […]

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Check Mate 2

Crack filler and sealant Check Mate 2 is an excellent moisture-resistant sealant that prevents the penetration of moisture and cold through cracks (random cracks) in logs, wooden materials and wooden exterior cladding materials. When filling random cracks, Check Mate 2 forms a strong elastic filling and covering layer. It has good color retention, is UV and weather resistant, and has good resistance to mold and mildew and airborne [...]

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Log house sealing compound product information Since 1981, the log house sealing compound Perma-Chink has become the most used sealing compound for the insulation of thousands of log houses, whether their construction style is deliberately cracked or even a single crack. Perma-Chink is a textured and elastic sealant that can be used to fill the grooves between logs to prevent heat loss or cold air intrusion. Although the product looks like a traditional masonry mortar, it is not a mortar. Perma-Chink

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Energy Seal

Log house sealing wax for milled and prefabricated log houses Since the beginning of production, Energy Seal has been one of our most popular sealing waxes for log house insulation. Energy Seal was created specifically for milled and prefabricated log houses. Just one use makes the log house completely weatherproof. Energy Seal sealing wax has excellent adhesion and the substance is elastic. The product has a long life, it is resistant to ultraviolet rays and chemical factors. Differently

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