• it is possible to wear several layers in the same day
  • dries quickly, does not emit toxic fumes
  • suitable for use on old finishing products
  • great for floors, doors and handrails
  • overlap 8.6-11 m²/l (rough surface); 15-20 m²/l (smooth surface)
  • manual
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Die Shine is our most durable indoor clear finish. It is suitable for protecting all wooden floors and other interior surfaces such as cabinets, doors, handrails and furniture where you want a glossy or low gloss finish. Because Sure Shine is water-based and dries quickly, multiple coats can be applied in one day.

Sure Shine can also be used to re-coat older oil-based floor coverings. Sure Shine cures to a smooth, hard surface that is resistant to rubbing and abrasion. Sure Shine prevents discoloration from water (and most household cleaners and chemicals).

Recommended application temperature: +5 to +30°C, stir the product every 15 minutes. Do not use in direct sunlight. When applying, be sure to move the brush back and forth for an even result.

If you use the product during maintenance work (surfaces that have already been covered with the Sure Shine product), consider that the material will take 17-22 per m²/l.

The product is dry to the touch after 1 hour, can be sanded after 4 hours and is completely dry after 72 hours. After applying the product to the floor, you can walk on it after 8 hours!

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