Additive to stain UV protection

  • contains ultraviolet radiation inhibitors based on new technology
  • does not emit toxic fumes
  • water soluble
  • already included Ultra-2, Ultra-7 and Prelude in products
  • the product can be purchased for a 3.8L canister and a 19L bucket
  • manual
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UV Boost is a concentrated water-based liquid stain additive that contains a UV inhibitor made using new technology. UV from strong sunlight darkens the wood and can create a "picture frame" effect. By adding UV Boost to the first layer of Lifeline wood finish, it is possible to slow down the graying of the wood under the stain. The product is suitable for both outdoor and indoor use.

The product is intended for use with Lifeline water-based products. The product is not compatible with oil-based finishing products not manufactured by Perma-Chink Systems.

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