• allows to repair wooden parts
  • strengthens damaged wood
  • elastic
  • after drying, the work surface can be sawn, drilled, grooved, nailed, screwed, painted or stained
  • we recommend pre-treating the surface with M-Balm
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E-Wood is a putty-like flexible epoxy filler that is used to replace missing pieces of wood on logs. E-Wood forms a permanent bonding layer between even the most rigid surfaces. Porous surfaces should always be treated with a low viscosity epoxy such as M-Balm.

E-Wood can be used to repair missing wood parts on window sills and frames, furniture or other wooden materials. The tool can be used on ready-made structures.

How to use?

  • Recommended application temperature: +5 to +30°C. Dries in 12-24 hours depending on the environment.
  • Wear disposable gloves! Mix E-Wood epoxy putty and hardener. Only mix as much as you can spread on the work surface in 15 minutes.
  • Apply the product to wood that has been previously treated and sealed with the product M-Balm. Smooth the product with either your hand or a trowel.
  • After the tool dries, the work surface can be sanded, nailed, planed, painted or stained as needed.

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